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 We like to give you updates on what is happening with Sonshine Home Service.  Here is our latest news:

We are specializing more in off-grid/passive solar design, helping you to improve your sustainability and efficiency.

~ We are offering planning consultations for design of structures and land use.





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The more projects you do;

the more you save!


1 Project = 1 hour of

Bonus Labor.

2 Projects = 2 hours of

Bonus Labor. 

3 Projects = 4 hours of

Bonus Labor. 

4 Projects = 6 hours of

Bonus Labor.

Mention this special after

you receive your bid for any projects requiring more than one days worth of labor by July 10th.

Bonus Labor = Free Labor for additional small jobs such as (but not limited to); minor maintenance items, adjust
doors and drawers for proper fit, snow removal and short
‘honey do’ lists.

Hammers are about to fly and so will the time.  Get your spring project scheduled today! 


Garden Preparation:  It is not too soon to clear your garden area.  We can clear the bushes/debris and roto-till the soil to get it ready for your compost.  How about trying raised garden beds instead of your rocky soil this year?  We can build a few or many.  


 Repairs:  Spring thaw has revealed some damage.  Perhaps you need a fence or gutter repaired. 

 Greenhouse:  Many of us are in need of a greenhouse to be able to really grow a great garden.  Now is the time to invest in your future food supply.  

Natural Light:  This is a good time to install that skylight or solar tube.  It not only lets in more natural light in, it saves you money because you don’t have to turn on the lights.  Closets and bathrooms are great places for solar tubes.

Note:  No materials are included in the Bonus Labor small jobs.  Any necessary materials will need to be provided by the customer or will be billed accordingly.




Would you like to have a sun room?

We can build it for you!

Heirloom seeds bring delight

to every gardener and      

market farmer.

 Read the following article to find out more about heirloom seeds.  

Heirloom Gardening: What you have been missing.