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We would like to share some websites with you that we think are helpful.  Some of these links are not related to the construction industry because life is about more than our buildings.  It is also about how we live in them.


 Building Materials

The following links represent building materials that we recommend because we have selected them for our personal home and found them to be the quality we were hoping for.


An excellent alternative to fiberglass insulation.

This is a non-toxic roof underlayment that is high quality.  It outshines felt tar paper in every category.

The Pro Series window is worth the extra $ for the features.


Metro Roof Products manufactures stone coated metal panels in tile and shake options.

You get the best of comp and metal with this quality combination.


Sustainable/Off-Grid Resources

The need to be sustainably prepared is becoming more apparent amid the economic and natural disaster chaos going on.  Many people realize that living 'green' benefits you in your health, expense, better environment and even less hassle.  The links below are a good place to start your sustainable journey.


Are you planning an off-grid system?  The guys at Backwoods Solar are very knowledgeable and helpful.  


If you have an off-grid system and need a quality water pump for your well, Grundfos has one with a soft start that is very friendly to your power system.


Interested in sustainable hygiene products?  Homestead Hygiene can meet all of your body care and laundry cleaning needs.


Here you will find resources and information about being prepared.


Gardening Resources

Nothing tastes better than fresh produce out of your own garden.  If you grow it yourself, you will get out in the sunshine more, get some exercise and know exactly what has been put on the plant.


If you want helpful tips for growing a better garden, go here:

Here is a family owned farm and garden supply company in Washington State.


A place to get a large selection of heirloom seeds.


Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing

If you don't feel well or you are worried without hope, then who cares about the house.  The following links are for your personal improvement so that you can enjoy all that you have been blessed with.


Do you need to detoxify or strengthen your immune system?  This is a huge resource for everything natural health including a live-in health retreat.


Another fantastic health retreat and education center that is in Washington State.


If you wonder what the Bible has to say about future world events, go here:   


Other Good Links

These are random links that don't have a specific category, but are worth passing along.

Do you need to find a good contractor in Idaho?  We recommend Brian Worley at:


We have been very pleased with our web hosting service:

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